Aruba Mara Camp - directions


GPS S01°26.463 / E035°12.490

For self-drivers via Sekenani
The Aruba Mara Camp is best reached via the Nairobi-Narok-Sekenani route.
The road from Nairobi to Narok has been in a very good condition since the end of 2009.The road from Narok to Sekenani is currently under construction and is getting better.
At the Sekenani gate, you have to pay the park entrance of 80 US $ per person (Jan 2012) and 800 Ksh for a landrover. The ticket is valid for 24 hours. Here you have the opportunity to see the first animals.In the park, there are signs guiding you the way to Talek and also to Aruba Mara Camp. If you don’t want to make a gamedrive the same day, please ask the ranger  for a free gatepass.

There is also an abbreviation from Sekenani to Talek without driving through the park. Inquire about the current road situation in the village of Sekenani (very weather-dependent).

The journey time from Nairobi to Aruba Mara Camp is about 5 hours.

For self-drivers via Aitong
KM 0 - Narok
KM 3 - At the first junction turn left towards Masai Mara Game Reserve, stay on the main road
KM 27 - Behind a village you will see two antennas on the right. Here you go straight ahead.
KM 32 - Here is the second turnoff direction Masai Mara Game Reserve. Turn off here
KM 59 - You cross Lemek Village. Drive straight ahead.
KM 79 - You come to a crossroads, turn left. (A hill to your left, a plain ahead, many signs for camps and lodges). Immediately after the turn you will see a sign Mara Leisure Camp.
KM 82 - you cross Aitong Village, drive straight ahead
KM 88 - First river crossing
KM 89 - Second river crossing
KM 93 - Third river crossing
KM 96 - Fourth river crossing (bad to drive after rain)
KM 102 - Stony road, about 800 meters long. Olare Orok Conservancy office to the right.
KM 112 - TALEK. Drive through Talek, direction Talek Gate (entrance to the Masai Mara), turn left just before the bridge and enctrance gate. After 100 meters you have arrived at Aruba Mara Camp.
Everywhere on the route there are small bypasses, on which the driving is much more pleasant than on the main road.

Public transport
It is also possible to reach us by public transport, but quite uncomfortable. The ride will take a whole day (also depending on the weather).By bus or by the Matatu (minibus) it goes for about 400 ksh (2010) from Nairobi to Narok. From Narok there is a daily Matatu to Talek, leaving at 2 pm. Costs are about 500 ksh. The ticket must be purchased in Narok one hour before departure . The return from Talek to Narok starts at 5:00 am. But beware: the driving of the Matatu drivers is sometimes nothing for the faint-hearted.

The best value for money in terms of transportation is a taxi from Nairobi (not from Mombasa because of the great distance). The journey takes about 5 hours. Also from Narok you can take a taxi to get to, journey time is approximately 3 hours. We work with very reliable drivers. Please contact us so we can make the contact or book a trip for you.

By plane
If you want to come to us by plane, you can book with the following airlines:
Flights to and from Nairobi, 2-3 times a day, flights to Mombasa North and South
Flights from and to Mombasa / Ukunda 1 time daily. Also daily from Nairobi to Masai Mara. Also as a package Nairobi-Masai Mara-Mombasa
Flights from and to Nairobi and Mombasa.

All flights can also be  booked at:
The Airstrip about 15 minutes from us is called Olkiombo. Payment by creditcard, with Mombasa Air Safaris in cash on departure. Of course, we will pick you up at Olkiombo free of charge if you stay with us in the camp.


Tel. Camp: +254 723 997 524
Management: +254 724 734 090
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