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On safari with the Landrover

On safari with the Landrover

Gamedrives & more

See all the wildlife you can think of on our...

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All types of game drives can be arranged individually for you or or your group. Do you need  a private vehicle with driver? No problem, everything can be arranged. Especially for visitors who would like to see a specific animal or have a photographic focus.

Example of a typical safari day at the camp

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Photography courses

Learn how to shoot the perfect animal picture - life and directly on the subject, with instant feedback from your teacher.
The two well-known photographers Martin Buschmann and Vederico Veronesi occasionally direct phototours in the Masai Mara. If the dates are known, you can find them here.

Federico Veronesi
Dates on request



Since November 2016, the well-known Dutch ornithologist Benj Smelt has been training the Aruba Mara team.
You can be sure that we will soon have special offers on the subject of "birdwatching".

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Visit to a school or a cultural village

If you are interested in the school we support, or would like to get to know the culture of the Masais, we will organize an excursion for you.

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Pure romance

Bush breakfast
Bush picnic

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